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Company Introduction

Vision Our vision is to be the best retailer of convenience for emerging markets. Core Purpose To make daily life easier by providing modern convenience. Oath of 7-Eleven Employees I want to treat everyone honestly and promise to try my best to serve our customers in order to create a better future for the company, my family, and myself. The 5 7-Eleven fundamentals are quality, speed, selection, and value in a safe and pleasant environment. Core Values Customer focused      “We put our customers first.”   Teamwork      “We foster an environment of synergy to attain the goals of the organization through active participation and mutual respect.”   Integrity      “We are honest and trustworthy to our fellow employees, customers and business partners.”   Reliability      “We deliver what we promise.”   Data-driven      “We make decisions based on data." The Management reviews yearly the Company’s vision and mission annually during its annual and 3-year planning session and submits the same to the Board and/or the Executive Committee for review and confirmation.  Furthermore, the Board reviews and approves the same every year to set the strategic map and objectives for the year and the next 3 years.
7th Floor Columbia Tower Ortigas Avenue Mandaluyong City