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JFDraf Pharmaceuticals Corp. is an established pharmaceutical company engaged in marketing and distribution of quality ethical pharmaceutical products. The company is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and has its License to Operate (LTO) from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as importer and marketer/distributor. JFDraf's main objective is to make available highly effective and quality medicines more affordable for patients who need them. To attain this, the company is continuously negotiating exclusive marketing distribution rights for various medicines and compounds with reputable pharmaceutical companies worldwide. So far, JFDraf has concluded and signed agreements with companies in Greece, Cyprus, Taiwan, India, and China for their Central Nervous System (CNS) products and Antibiotics. JFDraf had their successful company launch on July 17, 2003 at Edsa Shangri-la, attended by well-known Phil. Psychiatric Association (PPA) officers and members, and the management team of JFDraf's distributor, Metro Drug, Inc. On the same occasion, the company introduced "Zycloran", its banner CNS product for schizophrenia. Zycloran is now the number 1 brand in its category. The company also started launching major antibiotic products since June 2004 like "Clavax" Co-amoxiclav, "Cidroxal" Ciprofloxacin, etc. The company has co-marketing agreements with established local pharmaceutical firms for its antibiotics and non-CNS products. This allows the company to keep its focus on the unique market of CNS while at the same time working closely with its business partners on the other more lucrative segments of the markets. JFDraf's products are available in Mercury Drug, the biggest drugstore chain in the Philippines with over 1,000 branches nationwide; while Metro Drug, Inc., the 2nd biggest Pharma distributor in the country, helps bring the company's products to the drugstores and hospitals. 

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JF Draf Pharmaceuticals Corporation
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