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Taikisha Philippines Inc.

Company Introduction

A subsidiary of Taikisha Ltd., Japan, Taikisha Philippines Inc. (Inc.) completed a number of major projects in the Philippines in the construction of Cleanroom, Mechanical and Electrical facilities for global customers such as Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sunpower, Panasonic, Seagate, Texas Instruments, Bridgestone, On-semicon and Philippine Murata among others.  Aside from projects relating to air conditioning and cleanroom systems, TPI is also involved in the design, engineering, construction, installation and upgrading of ultra modern, high technology paint finishing facilities for major automobile manufacturers in the country such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Nissan.   History Taikisha Japan was founded in 1913 and steadily built its reputation in providing continuous improvements in indoor environments.  Since its completion of Tokio Marine building in 1918, the first seven-storey building in Japan to be heated with hot water circulation system, and Japan's first heated swimming pool in 1927, Taikisha at present continually provides pleasant and controlled environments in a wide variety of applications in commercial, residential and industrial sectors.    Product & Services Taikisha Philippines Inc. (TPI) aims to provide from basic to the highest level of detailed engineering design and drafting (CADD), construction and project management services to local and overseas clients in specialized air conditioning and ventillation systems such as particle-free rooms (cleanrooms) and other environmental and research facilities.  The scope of TPI's expertise transcends the physical space itself.  It also includes the detailed design and engineering of production purposes.  Design work comprises the proper selection of the air as well as systems for decontaminating personnel and equipment introduced into the production area.  Construction of support facilities include piping works, wastewater treatment, and in some cases environmental and pollution control.  Validation of particle-free rooms and environment facilities is one additional service of TPI.  Verfiication of the cleanliness level of particle-free rooms employes laser particle counters (LPC).  These instruments are capable to count the number of particles present in the controlled space broken down in particle sizes.  Moreover, Taikisha conducts parallel airflow testing using three-dimensional ultrasonice flow anemometers to measure the direction and velocity of the air inside the room.  This system is needed to sport turbulent regions in space where re-circulating airflow pattern, the possibility of contaminants scattering to sensitive area will be eliminated.  
Taikisha Philippines Inc.
5/F Golden Rock Building 168 Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City