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Abiva Publishing House Inc.
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Company Introduction

Say YES Abiva! and experience meaningful growth in promoting quality education. Quality books. Instructional breakthroughs. Excellent service in education. These are the hallmarks of Abiva Publishing House 75 years of helping teachers help their students. Our mission and core values have always been dedicated to helping educators guide learners toward lifelong learning and nation building through the development, publication, and distribution of excellent educational materials. Founded in 1936, we are the oldest and most enduring textbook publisher in the Philippines. We pioneered in publishing preschool, high school, and college textbooks in all learning areas, supplementary books, reference materials, and multimedia instructional materials. As the exclusive distributor of the Science Research Associates (SRA), we are the Home of SRA in the Philippines. SRA is among the most trusted learning tools worldwide because it provides individualized and multilevel instruction and development of reading and other competencies. We are a company made up of proactive men and women who value customer intimacy, commitment, professionalism, creativity, and excellent service. We invest in people who are willing to go through lifelong learning and deal with customers with the highest standards of ethics. Yes Abiva! Your Educational Source. Your Educational Standard. Years of Excellent Service in Education.
Abiva Publishing House Inc.
Abiva Bldg. 851 G. Araneta Ave. Quezon City