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CNC Business Process Services and Management Corporation (CNCBPSMC or CNC) is a company built on the idea that continuous improvement and constant innovation are drivers for success. We provide efficient and immediate response to the needs of clientele in: 1. Entry level Manpower Services 2. Mid-level and Executive Headhunting 3. Hospitality Service Provision, Contracted and Sub-contracted CNCBPSMC’s headhunting function is diverse and efficient. After gaining extensive experience through our Shipping Agency and Marine Service arm, we now cater to other industries including BPO, Hospitality, Retail and IT. THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE COMPANY MR. SENECA DP. BERTULFO is an alumnus of Southwestern University of Mindanao with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He took up Law at the University of Mindanao. Mr. Bertulfo has been in business since the 60’s and has become a very active member of different organizations, and was an achievement awardee, President of the Lions International for several occasions. Currently the President of two (2) corporations: Carnation Insurance Agency Corporation; Carnation Travel & Tours Corporation; and Scenes & Lombard Brokers Corporation. MR. NILO P. CASAS is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration from the University of Visayas and earned his MBA in 1984 from the University of the East. To date, Mr. Casas is the President of CNC Shipping Agency & Marine Services, Inc. He has been in the brokers Association of the Philippines, Inc., CNC Shipping Agency & Marine Services, Inc., N.P Casas Customs Brokerage and Franksen Logistics Phils., Inc. MR. BENJAMIN JOSEPH S. MALIGALIG (President) was a college scholar from the University of the Philippines with a degree in BS Statistics and earned his master’s degree at Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro GA, USA, with a vast experience as a professional Biostatistician, Biometrics/Data Science Manager, University Professor, and researcher. MS. CRISTINA N. CASAS (Executive Vice-President) is a Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Entrepreneurship graduate from the University of San Jose-Recoletos, presently the Executive Vice-President of CNCBPSMC and Administrative Manager of CNC Shipping Agency & Marine Services, Inc... CNCBPSMC knows that a great company is made by great employees and we do have great employees and shareholders. CURRENT SERVICES - Headhunting - Recruitment Services - Executive Search • Training Services - Free Call Center Training - Language Training - Hotel and Accommodation/Hospitality Training MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY Our management philosophy is simple; performance, no matter how it is measured, will be taken into account when making critical business decisions. Respect, critical thinking, and a desire to improve and achieve beyond what is expected are also key items in CNCBPSMC’s philosophy. We aim to become leaders in the service industry. VISION & MISSION To become a leader in providing excellent, proficient, reliable, reputable, immediate quality service, exceeding the expectations and demands of our partners through changing times; and to be a company that provides limitless opportunities to fresh and existing talents that aspire for success. MISSION STATEMENT OUR EFFORTS, YOUR SUCCESS. COMPANY VALUES • Efficiency • Dedication • Continuous improvement • Innovation • empathy

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Date posted: Nov 23, 2017
CNC Business Process Services & Management Corporation
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