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Mapua Institute of Technology
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Mapua Institute of Technology takes pride in aiming to be an international center of excellence in integrated engineering, architecture and information technology education. We are a school that values people with a passion for mental knowledge and meritorious performance reinforced by a strong moral fiber to bring about well-rounded character development in all our faculty members. Together with our subsidiary learning institutions, we at Mapua provide state-of-the-art delivery of quality academic curricula, builds various linkages with industry and government, engages in cutting-edge research and fosters a creative learning environment. In addition to being instrumental in providing young Filipinos with the skills and mindsets to meet local and global human resource requirements, you will also benefit from being an institution that produces world-class educators that further heighten the nation's competitiveness. For additional information, visit www.mapua.edu.ph
Mapua Institute of Technology
#658 Muralla St., Intramuros, Manila