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J-K Multilingual Recruitment Services

Company Introduction

J-K Multilingual Recruitment Services; Your trusted Job hunting partner for a LIFETIME!   J-K Multilingual Recruitment Services is created with the desire to provide assistance to job hunters in finding job in faster and easier way and was duly licensed by the Department of Trade in Industry, Department of Labor and Employment and BIR.   J-K Multilingual Recruitment Services is a part of one of the fastest growing and largest multilingual recruitment company who provides manpower to their partner companies from different industries and is holding the record of the highest rate of successful employment and awarded as the Top Multilingual Provider from 2014 up to the present.   We provide bilingual jobs in different industries to bilingual speakers across all nationalities who wanted to work in the Philippines.   New Job Openings for Bilingual Speakers every month. We are looking for: Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Fukien, Spanish, French, Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Malaysian ,Vietnamese, Thai , German, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Dutch  and other Asian and European Languages   We also have opening for Non Bilingual Speakers : Accounting/Finance, Administrative/Office Management, Advertising/Publishing, Human Resource/Back Office Jobs, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Hotel-Hospitality, Customer Service Industry, BPO Industry, Engineering, IT (Hardware), IT (Software), IT (Network, Database, System) You may contact us through: EMAIL: [email protected] SKYPE: jkrecruit NUMBER: 0917 813 9678 | 0936 973 4185 | 0929 3159 901 LANDLINE: (02) 932 -09 63     WHY JOIN US?   J-K Multilingual Recruitment Services commit and dedicate ourselves to provide the needed assistance of our candidate throughout their employment process. With the passion and desire to help our candidates we always value our candidate’s preferences because in J-K Multilingual Recruitment Services YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE.   We, at J-K Multilingual Recruitment Services together with our dynamic family are serving our candidates with SPEED, INTEGRITY and EXCELLENCE.   J-K Multilingual Recruitment Services is a partner of more than 200 companies from different industries. We always have wide range of job openings for MULTILINGUALS, FILIPINO and EXECUTIVES for different positions all over the Philippines. Be employed with today’s biggest companies in the country. Our clients are from BPO, IT, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Bank and Finance, Consultancy, Casinos and other International and Global companies based in the Philippines.       OUR SERVICES   1.    We provide free assistance to all our applicants. 2.    We provided updated job openings to qualified candidates from time to time. 3.    We always have different job openings for Filipino and Foreign bilinguals and for IT and EXECUTIVE positions 4.    We are partnered with largest and global companies based in the Philippines 5.    Our Service is for FREE. We do not deduct any amount of money from our candidates. 6.    We are fast and efficient in providing the assistance needed by our applicants.   Visit our Website: For Applicant's Page: Japanese Page : http://jkmanpower.jp-network-e.com/forApplicants_ja Chinese page : http://jkmanpower.jp-network-e.com/forApplicants_zh-CN Korean Page : http://jkmanpower.jp-network-e.com/forApplicants_ko English Page : http://jkmanpower.jp-network-e.com/ For Client's Page Japanese Page : http://jkmanpower.jp-network-e.com/forClients_ja Chinese Page : http://jkmanpower.jp-network-e.com/forClients_zh-CN Korean Page : http://jkmanpower.jp-network-e.com/forClients_ko English Page : http://jkmanpower.jp-network-e.com/forClients
J-K Multilingual Recruitment Services
Unit 3 IJKLM 3rd floor Crissant Plaza Building No.272 Commonwealth Avenue Old Balara, Quezon City, Philippines