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Posted by:Acadsocon May 23, 2017 11:47 am
Job Description


  • Starting salary would depend on your qualifications and availability
  • Base rate offered with or without class
  • 10% - 20% Class Completion Bonus
  • Trial Class Enrolment bonus(High bonus)
  • Perfect Attendance Bonus
  • Salary paid thru Paypal
  • Additional incentives monthly
  • Competitive and encouraging promotion system monthly and yearly
  • Professional Improving and Training system(including TESOL certificate)


Teacher’s primary responsibilities:

  • Preparing for 1-to-1 online classes
  • Teaching online with the textbooks
  • Doing corrections and conducting effective instruction during the classes
  • Doing assessments and tests for the students
  • Abiding by school regulations and management, achieving the teaching goal as scheduled with high quality




Requirements: A fluent English speaker with neutral accent Patient and can manage having classes with any age group Have a reliable workstation with stable power supply and internet connection Energetic, patient, responsible and cheerful Required minimum number of hours: at least 4 hours per day Evening and Weekend schedules is a must.

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1404 Westrade Center, west avenue Quezon City