Job Description:


a. Implements promo plan for all Regal Entertainment theatrical releases by:

- Calling the talent handlers/road managers of the artists to get the availability of artists for TV guestings and mall shows (promo)

- Coordinating with the mall personnel to ensure all mall shows to push through

- Coordinating with the talent coordinators to ensure all TV guestings

- Coordinating with the road managers of the artists to ensure attendance to all press conferences

- Ensure availability of promo materials during promo activities i.e. posters, trailers, tarpaulins, music videos, prizes, press releases

- Preparing the budget for the mall shows and TV/radio guestings for Mother Lily/Ms. Roselle's approval

- Always be at the venue at least 1 hour before each promo activity

2. Organizes press conferences to promote the movies by:

- Preparing the list of press people and their corresponding budget to ensure press releases on the movie being promoted

- Preparing the press kits

- Preparing the budget for press conference for Mother Lily/Ms. Roselle's approval

- Being able to interact with the press people in each press conference

- Ensure availability of trailers/music videos for press conferences

- Always be at the venue at least 1 hour before the presscon

3. Organizes premiere nights by:

- Proposing a partnership with radio stations to sponsor all premiere nights (YES FM and/or Love radio)

- Coordinating with the theater personnel to ensure the success of each premiere night

- Preparing the budget for the premiere night for Mother Lily/Ms. Roselle's approval

- Securing  permits for the premiere night

- Creating a seat plan for all VIPs, press people and celebrities and their guests

- Creating a program to be implemented before every premiere night

- Managing the distribution of premiere night tickets

- Always be at the venue 3 hours before the program

4. Assists in the photo shoots by:

- Booking a photographer, make up artist, stylist and production designer

- Making sure all the artists needed are present

- Preparing the budget for the photo shoot for Mother Lily / Ms. Roselle's approval

- Ensuring all costume requirements are available

- Recording all shots taken to ensure all lay out studies are covered

- Booking for venues for location shoots i.e. Valencia

5. Attends and assists in pre-production meetings

6. All other tasks are assigned



Here are the qualifications for Events Marketing:

1.      Candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, Business Administration, Communication Arts or any 4-year related course

2.      With at least 2 years of working experience in a marketing function exhaustively covering events management, promotion, market research and advertising

3.      Must be articulate, smart, presentable, flexible and with very good communication skills

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