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Posted by:iKitchen Inc. on January 24, 2018 4:34 pm
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Job Description





  • Provides clear roles and responsibilities to frontline team members
  • Positions and re – positions team members effectively.
  • Breaks are given properly and timely to team members.
  • Provides specific and timely feedback (positive and corrective)
  • Provides coaching to enable the team members to achieve shift goals


Customer Relations

1.1 Visible in the service area.

1.2 Interacts and initiates engagement with customers.

1.3 Presents a cheerful, positive attitude towards guests

1.4 Solicits and appropriately responds to customer feedback

1.5 Checks and directs team members and reinforces customer interaction

Service Quality

2.1 Monitor and properly positions team members

2.2 Assess service quality (SOS) when doing regular travel path.

2.3 Detects and rectifies service deviations promptly

Speed of Service

3.1 Assesses speed of service on a regular basis

3.2 Implements zoning

3.3 Coordinates with the production area the flow of guests




  • Product Quality and Safety
  • Checks the whole production area in terms of readiness.
  • Detects deviations in product quality, processes, food safety, and in other SOPs
  • Calls the attention of kitchen team members executing sub standard procedure and makes recommendation on how to address the concern.
  • Assesses product quality on a regular basis (either by performing actual product quality check with RM or ARM and/or soliciting customer feedback)
  • Product Availability
  • Checks stocks/mis-en-place items for availability based on forecast
  • Monitors production flow and assist in kitchen bottleneck.
  • Coordinates production with the ARM and FTL, including Out-of-Stock items and products to be pushed.
  • Service Quality
  • Monitors achievement of food serving time and other product related time standards
  • Responds to quality related concerns appropriately


  • Attends to cleanliness of customer and non-customer areas
  • Enforces food safety and cleanliness and sanitation procedures
  • Follows merchandising guidelines and ensures these are clean and in good condition


  • Does frontline manpower scheduling and allocation to be checked and approved by the restaurant manager.
  • Ensures equipment and facilities readiness.
  • Monitors cleanliness and maintenance of both customer and non – customer area.
  • Conducts regular meetings to team members,
  • Monitors performance and provide feedback.
  • Delegates duties and responsibilities to frontline team members

  • Bachelors College Degree
  • 22 to 33 years old
  • With 2-3 years Restaurant Management Experience 
  • Good People handling skills 
  • Good communication skills 

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