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Posted by:exonmobilon April 30, 2019 7:26 pm
Job Vacancies:
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Dear Interested Applicant,
Exxonmobil Oil and Gas, Channels Islands wish to inform you that Exxonmobil Oil and Gas, Channels Islands announces to the general public our company new Job Vacancies is in UNITED KINGDOM. We employ the Services of Career, Job seekers of Men and Women that want to be part of this great opportunity. Exxonmobil Oil and Gas, Channels Islands will take care of your Accommodation here in Channels Islands, United Kingdom and other benefits that we offer. Below are some of our Job Positions
1.   Accounting/Finance,Cashier
2.   Business Excellence.
3.   Company Secretary.
4.   Computer Programming / Engineering.
5.   Corporate Social Responsibility.
6.   Drilling & Well.
7.   Drift og Vedlike hold.
8.   Cars/Truck Drivers
9.   External Affairs.
10.  Finance & Control.
11.  Geo-sciences.
12.  Health, Safety & Environment.
13.  Human Resources.
14.  Information/communication System.
15.  Information Technology.
16.  Restuarant / Hotelier Management.
17.  Legal.
18.  Maintenance.
19.  Caregiver.
20.  Marketing/Sales.
21.  Minerals Exploration.
22.  Managerial/Supervisory
23.  Petroleum Drilling.
24.  Petroleum Engineering.
25.  Petroleum Exploration.
26.  Petroleum Operation.
27.  Petroleum Technology.
28.  Processing.
29.  Project Development.
30.  Housekeeping
31.  Nanny/House help.
32.  Sustainable Development.
33.  Marketing Sales & Supply.
34.  Operation & Maintenance.
35.  Medical Doctors.
36.  Research & Development.
37.  Marine/Cruise.
38.  Receptionist
39.  Store Keeper.
40.  Nurse.
41.  Welder.
42.  Finishing Furniture.
43.  Chemical diploma/electronics engineer.
44.  Graphic Designer.
45.  Petrol-chemical.
46.  Mining
Diploma, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering,Architectural, Degree and certificate Holders are advice to put in their Application to our administrative Office E-mail: [email protected] with their information's.
Any interested applicant should send his/her CV Immediately so as to proceed further with your employment.
Mailpoint 300,Ermyn House
Ermyn Way
Surrey, KT22 8UX
United Kingdom

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Office Address:
Mailpoint 300,Ermyn House Ermyn Way Leatherhead