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Job Description
  • Set up and implement the financial management strategy of the group
  • 设立和实施公司的财务管理战略
  • Prepare and analyze group financial statements
  • 准备和分析公司财务报表
  • Review and control professional budgeting and expenditure practices
  • 审查和控制费用的预算和支出
  • Assist group Chairman on other finance related management tasks
  • 协助公司董事长于其他金融相关的管理任务


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in accounting, finance or audit, CPA, CIMA, ACCA preferred;
  • 本科或以上学历,会计,财务或审计专业,CPA,CIMA,ACCA优先考虑
  • 3 to 5 years working experience in corporate finance or audit firm;
  • 企业财务或审计事务所3至5年工作经验
  • Strong business insight and good at financial data analysis;
  • 强大的业务观察力和良好的财务数据分析能力
  •  Effective communicator and team player;
  • 有效的沟通和团队合作精神
  •  Fluent in Mandarin and English;
  •  流利的普通话和英语
  • Willing to relocate and take occasional business trip.
  •  愿意移居海外并接受偶尔出差



  • We offer generous salary and bonus scheme;
  • 我们提供丰厚的薪水和奖金报酬
  • Relocation package include 20 days annual leave, housing & food allowance, annual company tourism, premium insurance, etc.
  •  福利包括20天年假,住宿和膳食补贴,年度公司旅游,优质的保险等


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