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Posted by:Dempsey Resource Management Inc.on April 12, 2018 3:00 pm
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Job Description

Account Officer – Church Foundation – QC – West Triangle


Under the direct supervision of the Accounts Supervisor, performs duties and functions of an Account Officer

handling small and medium scales enterprise clients.


1. Achieve desired target on client generation, portfolio and portfolio quality based on approved plan.

2. This position performs the following generic functions on SME level:

1.1 Target market assessment/area scanning

1.2 Client generation

1.3 Loan request analysis & evaluation

1.4 Loan processing & documentation

1.5 Loan disbursement

1.6 Loan utilization monitoring & checking

1.7 Loan collection and repayments

1.8 Portfolio at Risk management

1.9 Delinquency handling and resolutions

1.10 Various reports preparation

3. In accordance to EP policies and procedures performs thorough credit and background investigation, credit

and social investigation (CSI), business, financial & cash flow analysis and collateral/property appraisals.

4. Justifies loan approval recommendation to Accounts Supervisor and review team to get approval of loanapplication.

5. Facilitates loan release/disbursement by reviewing completeness of submitted requirements, signed

documents by the loan borrower to provide excellence customer service.

6. Prepares materials necessary, after exhausting all possible remedial measures for cases requiring litigation

and acquisition of property or asset mortgage with the organization.

7. Monitors accounts and deepens relationship with EP existing clients.

8. Maintains and safekeeps of updated client records, collateral documents.

9. Handles and address client queries, complaints and or feedback and report to immediate head for updating

and further action.

10. Performs other task and functions which may be required of the position by the immediate superior from time

to time.


1. Understanding of entrepreneurship & business processes

2. Knowledge of marketing financial products and services

3. Analytical skills

4. Communication skills both written and verbal

5. Interpersonal skills

6. Creativity and innovative



JOB SPECIFICATIONS: (Please indicate the minimum desired qualifications for a satisfactory job performance)

Business graduate with at least 2-3 work experience, preference is given to those with exposure in marketing financial product, or experience in micro lending operations.

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