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Posted by:Our Lady of Caysasay Medical Inc.on January 31, 2019 10:23 am
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The Chief Nurse is responsible in overseeing the overall performance and functions of the Nursing Service Departement. He/She establishes objectives for the department of nursing and the organizational structure for achieving these objectives. It is also his/her responsibility to plan and conduct conferences and discussions with administrative and professional nursing staff to encourage participation in formulating departmental policies and procedures, promote initiative , solve problems and interpret new policies and procedures.



• Graduate with a degree in Nursing, licensed/registered Nurse.
• Preferably with master’s degree (Master of Arts in Nursing [MAN])
• Atleast with 5-10 years work experience in related field.
• Must have high aptitude to express ideas and views effectively when speaking to groups, hospital directors, and personnel and to gather and analyze data and prepare reports.
• Excellent communication skills, flexible and adaptable.


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