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Posted by:Music for Life Kidson March 7, 2019 12:18 am
Job Vacancies:
Job Description

Have experience in Social Media Management? Great at Multitasking? THEN WE NEED YOU!




Job Overview:

Music for Life is a music education business providing children who are 6 weeks old – 6+ years old how to play music.  Our mission is to bring music to kids everywhere. We are looking for someone who is reliable and hardworking, has a computer, good internet connection and is 100% dedicated to make a difference with the work that they do to help our business grow.


Job Details:

  • This is a Full time, Home-based Social Media Management Position so your tasks would include posting (Job Vacancies) on different social media sites, do follow ups with those candidates  who sent email or SMS to make sure they are moving forward on their qualification process.

  • Starting salary of $80/week.

  • Upon successful completion of your first two weeks, you will receive a 10% raise and will steadily be given 10% raises on a consistent basis as you continue to grow with our amazing team.  This is full time, long-term employment with lots of opportunity for growth.


To apply:

  • Please send me your RESUME as well as the JOB for which you are applying for to my Skype id: [email protected] and email it also to  [email protected] between 8AM-5PM EST.  

  • In order to qualify you will need to complete a formal interview over Skype.  The candidate which completes the task with the most accuracy will be awarded the full time position. The recruitment process may take 3-5 days.

  • We will be contacting you for the next steps of your application either via skype/email or text so make sure to have your most updated contact information.




  • Candidates should be familiar on how to post to social sites, making sure to find the right sites (FB or other social sites) to post to for each position we are hiring for.

  • We require a person with knowledge in google documents.

  • Must have exceptional writing abilities

  • Must be able to work independently or with minimal supervision

  • Have high attention to detail, good work ethic and has sense of urgency

  • Is passionate to help our business grow



  • You must have a PC or Laptop with 4GB RAM and Windows 7 or 10.

  • Must have a stable WIRED internet connection of at least 5 MBPS. and backup internet connection.

  • Must be able to work from Home at 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Standard Time  Monday through Friday (40 hours/week).


Contact Employer

DB-008 Mae Bahong