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Job Description
  1. Provide technical and administrative support to superior in the formulation, implementation, and management of the environmental plans and programs of the Company
  2. Maintain current knowledge of national and international standards, legislations and regulations (existing and proposed) on environment management that can affect the Company’s business operations
  3. Provide technical support to field units and projects in the implementation and management of their environmental activities and programs
  4. Provide support to field units and projects in the application and renewal of pertinent environmental permits and clearances
  5. Prepare reports and other environmental documents regarding Company projects for internal monitoring and/or submission to government regulatory agencies such as DENR, LLDA, DOE, PCG, etc.
  6. Coordinate and assist in the conduct of SE seminars and safety/emergency drills in the head office and project sites
  7. Provide technical support to field units in monitoring of air, water and soil quality in compliance with permit conditions
  8. Assist the supervisor in monitoring the environmental performance of Company units
  9. Investigate environmental incidents or problem areas and recommend corrective measures for superiors’ consideration
  10. Prepare materials, documents or presentations to be used during public fora, hearings, lawsuits, and investigations in case of environmental accidents involving Company projects
  11. Conduct research on certain SE-related issues to aid management in determining courses of actions of the Company
  12. Maintain to optimum operating condition and manage inventory of company-owned environmental monitoring devices/equipment and PPEs
  13. Maintain network and performance inventory of SE specialists/consultants who can be engaged for Company activities
  14. Provide assistance during social development activities of the Company


Minimum Education : BS Environmental & Sanitary Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science/Management or the equivalent, and with corresponding professional license

Working Experience : At least one (1) year relevant experience

Special Skills : Competence in planning, organizing and formulating environmental programs, and other related activities; Good interpersonal skills; Knowledgeable in safety and environmental regulations including environmental protection and management programs; Proficient in both oral and written communications; Computer literate

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