New Ventures Specialist

Job Description:
  1. Search for parties interested to co-venture with the Company in projects that require partners through active research and dynamic networking
  2. Search for companies with projects that the Company can invest as a joint-ventures partner through active research and dynamic networking
  3. Refer and introduce to the appropriate proponent any prospective farminee or farmor for any further action
  4. Send out the marketing prospectus, brochures or flyers to companies involved in the petroleum and coal business
  5. Liaise between the Company and potential partners and update them on any development
  6. Facilitate cross functional meetings of potential partners or investors with our legal, technical, planning and finance departments
  7. Represent the Company in the industry gatherings to establish effective networking

Minimum Education : Any Bachelor’s Degree

Minimum Experience : Preferably with a minimum of five (5) years of experience working in the oil & gas industry; Preferably has experience in joint ventures; Has experience in dealing with local government units; Has experience in dealing with external stakeholders/partners

Special Skills : Highly organized, diplomatic, possesses a strong attention to details, ability in dealing with people, can communicate effectively with all levels within the organization and external public/companies and partners 

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