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Job Description
  1. Formulate, evaluate and recommend to the Project Team the most appropriate Work Program, Schedule and Budget that will satisfy goals or objectives
  2. Facilitate the proper implementation of the approved Work Programs, Schedules and Budget
  3. Prepare and coordinate with concerned Company departments and third parties for the appropriate implementation and execution of obligations for the conduct of feasibility studies under the various MOA/MOU and other agreements, and engineering studies
  4. Facilitate coordination with concerned Company departments/sections in the conduct and completion of economic and technical studies under the various MOU/MOA and other agreements
  5. Understand and monitor the responsibilities of Partners under various MOA/MOU and other agreements
  6. Prepare terms of reference for technical activities relevant to the project and ensure the prompt execution of commitments and timely compliance of deliverables by any third party
  7. Monitor and coordinate with consultants and third party, including national and local government agencies related to the technical or business aspects of the project/s
  8. Prepare and submit reports or updates of activities to the Project Officer for internal monitoring and/or submission to government regulatory agencies


Minimum Education : Bachelor of Science in Engineering, preferably Mechanical,  Electrical, Civil or Geodetic

Minimum Experience : At least one (1) year related working experience in site survey, planning, industrial processes, operation and/or design

Special Skills : Planning and organizational skills in formulating work programs, budget and schedules; Good interpersonal skills in dealing with various groups and parties; Technical skills and knowledge in petroleum processes

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