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The Resource Economist will conduct resource valuation of all priority ENR-linked opportunities for getting into Payment for Environmental Services (PES) or PES-related enterprises with either the communities as land and resource management units, local government units, and national government units.  He/she ensures that assessments are consistent with national and local policies, technically sound, validated with local stakeholders and potential parties to PES arrangements.  His/her outputs will be used as input in discussing, negotiating and promoting potential public-private-community enterprises and global development alliance partnerships.  The Public-Private and LGU Enterprise Specialist will make use of the resource valuation studies as inputs to discussing/negotiating/establishing rates of PES or PES-like enterprises.  He/she will also design, conduct, document, and package resource valuation training modules and field exercises for developing the capacities of LGUs, DENR, PCSD, and CSOs in carrying out resource valuation assessments in potential areas for ENR-linked enterprises.  He/she will carry the training in partnership with the LGU and community enterprise specialist who will analyze and determine costs and returns of ENR-linked enterprises with and without establishing PES mechanisms. Based in Manila, this position will report to the Chief of Party.

  • A bachelor’s degree in agriculture, forestry, coastal/marine, or other related biological sciences and a minimum of master degree in resource economics, forestry economics and policy, or environmental economics.
  • At least 10 years of relevant experiences related to resource economics, methods of resource valuation, or designing/planning/implementing ENR-linked livelihoods and enterprises
  • Familiarity and have at least used any of resource valuation techniques such as market and cost-based techniques, determining contingent values, discounted cash flows of both market and non-market values of natural resources with the use of proxy data or shadow costs, willingness to pay, etc.
  • Familiarity with software for analyzing resource valuation data – spatial and spreadsheets, and Microsoft Office, MS applications
  • Have been involved with resource inventory initiatives, land use planning, and ridge to reef resource management analytical tools
  • Team player and can work with multi-disciplinary team
  • Practical and has the eye for opportunities for generating revenues from natural assets that could be translated or used into financial assets for the benefits of local stakeholders.
  • Good working knowledge of English, both written and verbal

For a copy of the detailed scope of work of any of the positions above, please email [email protected] All applicants should send a resume, cover letter, and at least three (3) references to [email protected] no later than November 19, 2017. In the subject line, please indicate the position you are applying for. Only short-listed qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews.


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