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Posted by:Unilox Industrial Corporationon September 6, 2019 1:46 pm
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Job Description


The Human Resources & Administrative Jr. Manager is to plan, direct, coordinate, implement and evaluate all matters that would eventually translate into cohesive actions in the business organization.

Capable to demonstrate exceptional competencies as a leader in the organization – well rounded knowledge of the business organization and aligning HR with organizational functions, cross functional exposures and planning, designing and implementing programs.

Has the competency of retaining talents, methods to assess effectiveness of training, creating value in the business through HR approaches. Acting as facilitators for organizational transformation and business driven HR activities.

Managing change and development and building organizational culture at its best direction. A proactive leader by anticipating and providing early resolutions for issues and problems. Focuses in attaining business objectives and building effective relationships between employees and organization.

In short, the Junior Manager shall be the Strategic Partner; Administrative Expert; Employee Champion and act as a Change Agent to the success of the business organization.

Operational Roles:

  • Advising management for effective use of HR system.
  • Strategic Human Resources Planning.
  • Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development.
  • Measurement and assessment of individual and group role.
  • Job Analysis, Job Description and Job Evaluation.
  • Performance Appraisal, Merit Rating, Compensation & Benefits.
  • Organizational Development & Planning.
  • Research in HR Problems, Policies & Surveys.

Administrative Roles:

  • Time Keeping
  • Salary & Wage Administration
  • Maintenance of Records
  • Human Engineering – Man / Machine Relationships
  • HR Information and assessment system

Employee – Labor Relations:

  • Grievance Handling Management
  • Settlement of Disputes and Negotiations
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Separation
  • Other Industrial Relations Issues.

Management of Welfare Services:

  • Employee Assistance Program / Employee Counseling
  • HMO
  • Financial Assistance, etc.
  • Retirement

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Basic Requirements:

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  1. Graduate of BS / BA Human Resources Management, Psychology or other related courses.
  2. Preferably with Master’s degree, but not a requirement.
  3. Ten (10) years of solid experience in Human Resources Management / Administration preferably in manufacturing.

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194 M Concepcion St. San Joaquin,