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Qualification Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Project Manager, the incumbent shall perform the following duties and responsibilities: Support in the collection and analysis of monitoring and performance data and track processes to demonstrate change against outcomes; Assist the GOJUST Team to develop a user-friendly, functional management information system (MIS), thereby allowing data to be accessed in a simple way for purposes of analysis, reporting and programme improvement. This includes developing any new or relevant data collection tools, maintaining databases, developing any new management information system (MIS) processes and maintaining the overall M&E system established under GOJUST Programme; Ensure systematic collection, analysis, and reporting of routine data as per the overall GOJUST Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) plan; Maintain the implemented policies, guidance, systems, procedures and tools related to monitoring and evaluation, and update as needed; Oversee all data collection and analysis processes to measure progress and achievements according to the MEL plan and system; Participate in discussions with the implementing partners and programme beneficiaries to establish consistency in the use of indicator definitions and data sources. Maintain programme data and ensure that appropriate verification, and storage is done for all monitoring and evaluation data; Assist the GOJUST Team to prepare drafts of Terms of Reference, programme deliverables and other additional technical components of any solicitations for M&E-related contract/sub-agreements; Assist in developing and applying different M&E and learning methods (including monitoring systems, tools for data collection and analysis, evaluations and participatory reviews) and systems for using the learning in program decision-making to improve impact; Draft data analysis reports for management; Contribute to the preparation of the program’s periodic progress reports and workplans, and integrate analysis of findings and provide recommendations as required for contributions to planning, risk management and reporting; Visit the programmes areas of implementation regularly and provide regular monitoring reports; Facilitate lessons learned and data interpretation and promote dissemination of lessons and knowledge sharing including case studies and programme innovations; Prepare reports and programme updates on programme activities and achievements; Stay updated on developments in monitoring and evaluation trends; Perform additional assignments as per request of the GOJUST Key Expert 1/Team Leader.

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