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Posted by:Weedit.Photoson February 23, 2018 12:25 am
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Job Description

Weedit.Photos is looking for young talented people who like design, retouching and photography. We need creative people for remote freelance work.


·        Retouchers are the first either to choose pictures that will be used in final printing or to communicate with clients in order to find out all their wishes

·        Digital retoucher jobs also include thinking over particular steps of editing process or to giving various task to other retouchers

·        Applying various modifications to the given image

·        If it is needed, some retouching jobs online include providing photo shooting


·        Ability to work with people

·        creativity and critical thinking

·       Ability to work efficiently and quickly under tight deadlines

·       knowledge of PhotoShop, LightRoom, Capture One, and Camera Raw
If you want to join the team just visit the website weedit.photos and start working for a modern and developing company



knowledge of PhotoShop, LightRoom, Capture One, and Camera Raw

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