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St. Louis College Valenzuela
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About St. Louis College Valenzuela Established in 1976 as the Philippine College of Technological Resources (PCTR), the school was founded by the educator Jose C. Olivares. When actual operations began on 14 February 1978, it has facilities and amenities for secondary school and college. A year later, the administration of the school was passed on to Emmanuel J. Olivares. St. Louis College Valenzuela is committed to providing a high-quality, Christian education under its forsworn values of Sapientia, Veritas, Caritas (Wisdom, Truth and Charity), which are ingrained by its dedicated teachers in all students. The small but thriving institution of 36 years serves about 2,500 students, an estimated 800 of which are college students. Today, St. Louis College Valenzuela has matured into an educational institution that the city of Valenzuela can be proud of. Its students, coming from a broad cross-section of Filipino society, are active participants in the promise and the future of the Philippines, and their contributions to the Filipino dream as productive and responsible citizens will surely be a measure of distinction for all.

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Date posted: Feb 1, 2018
St. Louis College Valenzuela
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