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Business Industry:

Company Introduction

WE are engaged in the production and distribution of world-class quality products primarily used in the industrial, marine, automotive, furniture, food and construction industries in the Philippines. WE are one of the widest distributors of polyurethane foam insulation services, polycarbonate sheets, wood and metal surface coatings, solid surface materials, compressors, composite products and window films WE carries brands such as, ECOFOAM Polyurethane Foam, SUNSHIELD Polycarbonate Skylight Sheets, SPARKO Surface Coatings, SOLFLEX Solid Surface Materials, POLYKLEAR Composites, TANKEE Stainless Water Tanks, 3M Window Films and EcoSPR Hybrid Polyurethane Elastomer, among others. WE have been in the constructions business since 1985 and continously growing.   COMPANY VISION:   “Continuously bringing great innovative products for a better life to our next generation"   COMPANY MISSION:   “We provide value-adding, eco-friendly products, and innovative solutions to different industries, while maintaining high quality service by listening and understanding customer’s needs.”   COMPANY CORE VALUES:   TEAMWORK - We encourage each one to inspire others to work together and share in accountabilities for a common goal while maintaining effective harmonious work relationships. We take pride in cooperation with others and in providing the initiative to help.   INTEGRITY  -We firmly believe in personal responsibility, honesty, credibility, and consistency of behavior in relation to SOMI’s performance standards, work set-up, and requirements in meeting customers’ needs and accomplishing our tasks.   RESPECT - We recognize and put premium value on every individual’s inviolable dignity and worth. We feel morally obligated to treat everyone with fairness and equality regardless of who they are and what they do. We commit to add value and worth to SOMI’s People, Processes, Customers, and Financials.   INNOVATION - We foster the ability to develop, re-invent processes, introduce, spearhead something new, being imaginative, and resourceful. We uphold passion for excellence by not merely settling for the average, but always striving for the best.  
17A 1st Ave., Sta Maria Industrial Subdivision, Bagumbayan, Taguig City