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Water and Life Philippines (W&L) is a Filipino non-profit organization which gives support to TPA.
Its main mission is to achieve sustainable improvements in the living conditions of depressed urban communities by supporting community reinforcement via a range of training and resources for fire prevention/fire-fighting, hygiene/health and the environment; as well as implementing appropriate, sustainable sanitation services pertaining to solid waste, toilets/septage and waste water management.
Tubig Pag-Asa (TPA) is a local small-scale water operator with a social concern focusing on access to safe, running water for people living in depressed urban neighborhoods of the Philippines. TPA builds-up sustainable networks, supplies families with water and collects the payments, installs fire-hydrants in the middle of the shantytowns. Its goal is to lower the cost of water as well as offering a reliable access to potable running water.
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E&V Water and Life Philippines, Inc. Fortune Square bulding, 2nd Floor, As Fortuna Street Mandaue City, 6014, PHILIPPINES
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